Is high cholesterol a VA disability?

Is high cholesterol a VA disability?
Is there a VA disability rating for high cholesterol? Unfortunately, there is not. The VA does not recognize high cholesterol as something that can be related to service. This is likely because high cholesterol is often a byproduct of a combination of genetics, age, a lack of exercise and unhealthy eating.

Does McDonald’s give veterans discounts?
McDonald’s does not have an official military discount, however, some franchise locations may offer a discount at the owner’s discretion. They may offer free meals to military and veterans on Veterans Day, Nov. 11, 2022. Advertising Disclosure.

Why is it so hard to get 100 percent VA disability?
The highest rating given is 100 percent, which indicates that the disability is severe and prevents the Veteran from working and caring for themselves without assistance. To receive a rating of 100 percent, there must be sufficient evidence to support the severity of the service-connected condition.

How much money do veterans get for PTSD?
Depending on the severity, a veteran’s diagnosis of PTSD is eligible for VA disability rating of 100% ($3,621.95/month), 70% ($1,663.06/month), 50% ($1,041.82/month), 30% ($508.05/month), 10% ($165.92/month), or 0% (no payment).

Can you use your VA home loan for new construction?
If so, then you may be a good candidate for a VA construction loan. VA construction loans are short-term loans that will help you cover the costs of constructing a new home. And instead of receiving one upfront payment, VA construction loans only pay for the portion of your home that’s completed.

How much equity can I release from my home?
You’ll normally get between 20% and 60% of the market value of your home (or of the part you sell). When considering a home reversion plan, you should check: Whether or not you can release equity in several payments or in one lump sum. The minimum age at which you can take out a home reversion plan.

What can go wrong when renovating a house?
Picking the wrong renovation project. Not following the rules. Not having a schedule – or not sticking to it if you do. Going for the cheap option. Going for the expensive option. Not building in contingency. Underestimating costs. Too much DIY.

Can I hand my house back to the mortgage company?
Don’t just hand back the keys or wait to get evicted If you can’t pay your mortgage, don’t just: hand the keys back to your mortgage lender – this is called voluntary repossession and should be a last resort. wait until you get evicted – your lender could take you to court to repossess your home.

What does Martin Lewis think of equity release?
Martin Lewis states equity release can be a good financial product if you require the funds and are not concerned about the impact on leaving an inheritance.

What is the best age to take equity release?
Equity release is traditionally aimed at pension⁠-⁠age homeowners. Many equity release lenders insist upon all applicants being aged 60+, but Age Partnership have access to plans for everyone aged 55 and above.

What is the average VA rating for anxiety?
Many say 30% is the most common anxiety VA rating, but from our practice’s experience, we’ve seen many veterans stuck at 50% and 70% ratings for anxiety.

Does the VA take care of teeth?
VA offers comprehensive dental care benefits to certain qualifying Veterans. Over 600,000 Veterans were provided dental care in Fiscal Year 2022. To better understand if you are eligible for VA dental care, check out What VA dental care benefits do I qualify for? as well as the Dental Benefits for Veterans document.

What are the 4 symptoms of PTSD common in veterans?
Reliving the event (also called re-experiencing symptoms). Memories of the traumatic event can come back at any time. Avoiding things that remind you of the event. Having more negative thoughts and feelings than before the event. Feeling on edge or keyed up (also called hyperarousal).

Is 50% for PTSD good?
The 50% rating for PTSD has moderately severe symptoms. The most significant difference between the 30% and 50% rating is that you’re having a lot of trouble in your relationships at this level.

Can you use some of your mortgage for renovations?
Can you borrow extra money on your mortgage for renovations? Yes, absolutely – borrowing extra on your mortgage is a pretty common way to fund major home improvements, such as renovating part of your house, adding a loft conversion or putting in a new kitchen.

What’s the difference between a conventional loan and a regular loan?
Conventional loans are home loans offered by private lenders without any direct government backing. In other words, unlike FHA loans, they aren’t insured or guaranteed by a government agency. You need to have a higher credit score, lower debt-to-income (DTI) ratio and usually a slightly higher down payment to qualify.

Do mortgage lenders look at your bank?
Yes. Most mortgage lenders will require borrowers to submit bank statements when submitting a home loan application. In addition to your overall account balances, bank statements provide an overview of your monthly transactions, whether it’s income, debt payments or other types of expenses.

Can I change house after mortgage approval?
Thankfully, most lenders will happily transfer your mortgage offer to a new property. They’ll just require a survey on it first, and may ask for up-to-date payslips and bank statements if some time has passed since their original offer.

Can I release 50% equity from my house?
If you’re a homeowner aged 55 or over you may be able to release between 23% and 50% of the value of your home using equity release.

What is the highest VA loan you can get?
VA loan limits determine how much a Veteran with reduced entitlement can borrow before needing to factor in a down payment. VA loan limits vary by county and currently range from $726,200 to $1,089,300.

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